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You’ll sleep better knowing our project management team is at work ensuring your project’s quality, cost, and schedule requirements are all being met. And we’re able to do that by working effectively, safely, and efficiently. We embrace the INPO traits of a healthy nuclear safety culture, and incorporate them into every aspect of our business. They include:

  • Personal accountability, questioning attitudes, and decision-making
  • A respectful work environment that includes problem identification and resolution
  • Leadership safety values and actions and effective safety communication
  • Cultivating an environment for raising concerns, and providing continuous professional development opportunities
  • Effective work processes
  • NRC-approved quality program
  • Compliant with 10CFR Part 71, 72, and 10CFR50 Appendix B, ASME NQA-1
  • NIAC member #33 since 1996
  • Our experienced staff includes AWS certified weld inspectors (CWI)
  • Level III and Level II inspectors are certified to ASNT SNT-TC-IA and AWS
  • Internal NDE inspection includes VT, PT, MT, UT, RT, pressure tests,
    and dimensional gauging per ASME B & PV Code Sections III, V, and VIII
  • Columbiana Hi Tech welding personnel and processes meet the stringent qualifications  of ASME B & PV Code  Section IX
  • Personnel and procedures are also qualified in accordance with AWS structural welding codes

NRC approved 10CFR Part 71 QA program: certificate number 0179

  • Each data package we develop is distinctive in content and completely designed around the customer’s specs
  • Our engineering, operations, and documentation control team saves you time and money by ensuring all
    CHT documentation is reliable and accurate
  • Electronic documentation packages, available in several different media types
  • Technically advanced resources for data package construction and distribution,
    including use of the latest hardware, software, and duplication equipment


U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Quality Assurance Program Approval For Radioactive Material Packages No. 0179, Revision 14

Nuclear Quality Assurance Manual

In compliance with 10 CFR Part 71 Subpart H, 10 CFR Part 72 Subpart G, 10 CFR Part 50 Appendix B, and ASME NQA-1