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At Columbiana Hi Tech, our project management and fabrication solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of every project and customer. One of the many things that differentiates us from the competition is our excellence in welding. We boast an extensive collection of approved and specialized procedures and expertise to develop innovative processes that provide our clients with even better solutions. But welding isn’t all we’re known for. We’ve also earned attention as a highly reliable custom build-to-print manufacturer of packaging and auxiliary equipment that supports applications both at nuclear power plants and DOE sites.


parts for optimum fit-up


using the most reliable processes and most experienced personnel


to ensure dimensional precision during the welding process


and shipping components for arrival to the customer in as-built condition

Our fabrication team excels in the four fundamental principles of first-of-a-kind and custom fabrication


Columbiana Hi Tech is the leading manufacturer of custom nuclear transportation and storage systems including dry-shielded canisters, PWR and BWR Fuel Assembly Packages, UO2 powder or pellet packages, UF6 cylinders, and liquid transportation vessels. Whatever your project, we create custom solutions to suit your needs.