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Primary & Secondary Cask Lifting Yoke
GE Nuclear Energy RPV Head Strongback-Carousel Assembly

Primary & Secondary Cask Lifting Yoke

Fabricated for NAC International for handling of the NAC-LWT Cask, these units have pneumatically-actuated lift arms to facilitate engagement with the cask trunnions.

GE Nuclear Energy RPV (Reactor Pressure Vessel) Head Strongback-Carousel Assembly

Utilized for the installation and removal operations of the reactor head, this hardware is equipped with a trolley system for orienting stud tensioners at all locations 360° around the circumference of the reactor head. This unit is proof-load tested to over 200-tons.


The service platform is fabricated from 304 Stainless Steel and electro-polished, with a total weight of 60,000 pounds. It has a load test requirement of 205,080 pounds.