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Hanford Unirradiated Fuel Package
Greater Than Class C Canisters
BNFL Fuel Solutions™ W100 Transfer Cask
Research Reactor Dry Transfer System
Dry Shielded Canisters

Hanford Unirradiated Fuel Package (HUFP)

The Hanford Unirradiated Fuel Package (HUFP) is for transporting one core component container of Mixed Oxide (MOX) fuel assemblies or multiple containers housing loose fuel pins. To date, CHT has fabricated thirteen of these packages for AREVA Federal Services.

“Greater Than Class C” (GTCC) Canisters

CHT manufactured four of these 4″ thick stainless steel canister shells with bolt-on lid configuration. Image shows “Greater Than Class C” (GTCC) canister shells in process.

BNFL Fuel Solutions™ W100 Transfer Cask

This transfer cask is a cylindrical atmospheric vessel with bolted top and bottom end closure assemblies. The cask’s cylindrical body consists of three concentric stainless steel shells with poured lead placed between the inner shell and the structural shell. The outer shell (jacket) forms an annular pressure vessel for a liquid neutron absorbent material which will fill the cavity to provide neutron shielding during transfer operations.

Research Reactor Dry Transfer System (DTS)

Utilized for dry fuel transfer (TRIGA ® and MTR Baskets) with the NAC-LWT Cask. This unit is a multi-walled transfer cask with poured lead shielding. The TRIGAs or MTRs are taken from the reactor to the above lead-lined transfer cask. They are then transferred from the transfer cask to the LWT (Legal-Weight Truck) Cask for shipping to the pool for final storage.

Dry Shielded Canisters

CHT manufactures Dry Shielded Canisters for AREVA TN, a division of AREVA Inc. AREVA TN is a leader in the American nuclear industry offering innovative total systems solutions for used fuel and radioactive waste management and for nuclear transportation. These canisters are designed to store both PWR and BWR used fuel. More information on these dry shielded canisters, as well as AREVA TN’s storage solutions, can be found online at